VILLA RIDES FOCUS: Battle of Torreon 1914

Group Moderator

Over the weekend, we ran the scenario (can be found on the Villa Rides forum) Battle of Torreon 1914 game at Vet Con.  We used our EAGLE'S PREY: VILLA RIDES Rules & Campaign guide for the Mexican Revolution.  Figures are 28mm Old Glory Mexican Revolution range and Outpost miniatures range.  All of the buildings are scratch built.  

This was one of the largest, if not the largest, engagement of the revolution and the body count was high.  Using historical setups, the battle raged and the Federals had to finally succumb by the afternoon of the battle.  

EAGLE'S PREY: VILLA RIDES rules and Guide to the Mexican Revolution are available now from Noble Knight Games, On Military Matters, and Caliver Books in the UK.  They are designed for mid to large size engagements and are not skirmish rules.