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HR GAMES will attend Vet Con over this years Veterans Day Weekend in Auburn, California.   

Our schedule of games:
Friday afternoon 1pm--Assault on Torreon 1914--Mexican Revolution featuring Villa Rides rules

Friday evening 7pm--Apache Terror 1780--historical assault on the spanish Tucson Presidio using TERRA INCOGNITA colonial rules

Saturday morning 10am--Angrief!  Over the top 1918-- German offensive in the west using TRENCHLINE supplement of PANZER KORPS

Here is an official update from the Convetion organization:
From the sea to the air and in between on land, from the ancients to WWII, VetCon is where you want to be this Veterans Day weekend. We have 27 scheduled games with still more that are pending submissions. There are still hotel room nights available if you want to spend some quality time at the convention and with friends and fellow gamers but they are going fast and I can't guarantee room availability much longer. 

In addition to a plethora of miniature games to partake in, we will have some other added activities. Bring and buy all weekend long. Bring your painted or un-painted miniatures, your books, and rules, your terrain, or whatever else hobby-related items you would like to part with to sell or barter. Free to all attendees! I'll be bringing a truckload, literally, of stuff to sell.

We will also be hosting a complimentary sandwich bar Friday afternoon for all registered attendees so make sure you go to the attached Blogspot and say that you're coming. Remember, registration is free, attendance is free, but if you want a free lunch you have to register!

Go to veteran-convention.blogspot.com for the latest game submissions and schedule of events, hotel reservation link, and convention registration. Remember, it's FREE!

If you need further information, please contact me at dpartak@... or 520-863-3280