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Kaiserschlacht 1918!  We hosted a TRENCHLINE divisional WWI game yesterday at Vet Con in Auburn, California.  We focused on the days after the beginning of the offensive with the French sending in reserve divisions in an attempt to stop the Hun!

The scenario featured 2 German divisions with a Stosstruppen Brigade.  The French featured 3 reinforced reserve divisions deployed in a rear echelon trench.  

The barrage was heavy and the attrition was high for both sides, but the Germans managed to isolate a part of the line that, by sheer luck, was composed mostly of reservist morale troops.   The French firepower was murderous as the French had recently reinforced the divisions with additional trench mortars, and the new Schneider and St. Charmand tanks.  

After a heavy trench fight, portions of the French began to buckle...
TRENCHLINE is the PANZER KORPS supplement for WWI available from Noble Knight Games, Pico Armor, On Military  Matters, Caliver Books, or at our online store