Terra Incognita Focus: Apache Dawn 1782

Group Moderator

We ran a lesser known engagement at VET CON over the weekend. 
APACHE DAWN 1782: The scenario features a tough fight for the Spanish garrison located at the Tucson Presidio in modern day Arizona.  Based upon historical fact, the Apaches had made a war pact with the Navajo to strike at the new center of Spanish influence in that region.  So at 10am on sunday morning May 2nd, 1782, several large bands of Apache & Navajo natives aggressively attacked the Presidio and the town along the banks of the Santa Cruz River.
We played the scenario using 28mm figures from mostly the now defunct London War Room Spanish colonial line along with a mix of hinchliffe, old glory, and wargames Foundry.  The stockade fort is from Acheson creations.
The rules used were TERRA INCOGNITA company level colonial system available from Noble Knight Games.
Here are a few pics of the action.