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To all who enjoy the 19th Century, we have reissued our comprehensive FLEET NAVAL system for the Age of Steam for a new audience.  Developed as a stand alone fast playing with just the right amount of detail to keep the purists happy.  Once more the ships of the British or French Navies take to the high seas or any number of nations which enjoyed the transition from Sail to Steam.  The advent of steam and Iron on the high seas changed the face of battle.  From the rivers and coasts of the Civil War to the great navies of Europe, the Age of Steam redefined naval power.  Raise fleets again within the EAGLE'S PREY Deluxe Campaign system or the Point System to create historical or hypothetical ships.  Using HRG's well tested and proven game mechanisms, players will once more look forward to their next encounter on the seven seas!

 CASEMATE & CANNON brings the Age of Steam to the fingertips of the Armchair Admiral.  The rules were designed for maneuver and engaging large fleets and squadrons into Close Action.   A complete and comprehensive Fleet system designed for detail & fast play. 

· Allows for a 20 ship game completed in 2-3 hours

· Can be used with any scale and no rebasing needed

· All major and minor nation’s Army lists

· Allows for Naval Warfare all over the world

· Features HRG’s Naval Terrain Generation system

· Complete Naval Lists and Ship capabilities

· Admirals and player aid tools

· Includes Campaign Integration rules for Eagle’s Prey.

· Can be used from 1820 thru 1900

· Scenario included

Available now for on the ONLINE store or in the US from Noble Knight Games, On Military Matters, or PICO ARMOR.  CALIVER BOOKS in the UK.  For international customers which do not have a local dealer, we recommend ordering from the ONLINE store to save on Postage as we send them to you from our local distributor.

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