HR GAMES Celebrates the Holiday season with a jaunt into Siciliy: Enjoy Counter-Stroke at Gela 1943 Free Scenario

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We hope that everyone is having a great holiday season.  We wanted to share some warmth with this updated scenario set in sunny Sicily.  With the initial allied landing beachheads still being fortified and established, a determined German counter-attack was called for by local command.  Knowing that he did not have the forces in any strength to push the allies of the beaches, General Conrath managed to muster his division into on early counter attack in the hopes of stalling the allied advance long for either more troops to arrive or allow the Italians some time to fall back.

No doubt a tough task was ahead for the Germans, but it needed to be done.  This is ideally a 2 person scenario but can accommodate to US players and one German player.

The scenario is available in the FREE SCENARIOS folder in the FILES section of the PANZER KORPS Sub Group.

Anecdote:  This scenario was partly inspired by my old German teacher in 7th grade who was an Swiss American that served as a combat translator in WWII for the US army.  Since he spoke five languages (German, English, Italian, Swiss, French, and Dutch), the army immediately put him to use.  His squad was advancing in Sicily when they snuck up on an Elephant crew having lunch.  After a short firefight, they proceeded to capture the Elephant and its crew.  Imagine being told this story...Riveting.

Counter-stroke At Gela

Gela, Sicily

July 11th 1943


       General Conrath, commanding General of the Hermann Goering Division, launched an aggressive counter-attack on the morning of July 11th, 1943 with the objective of pushing the Americans back into the sea!  The lead Panzer lurched forward after the order was given to advance on the unsuspecting Americans.  It would be a long day...