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BROADSWORD: Age Of Chivalry

When the die is cast and words no longer are the answer, the sword will be unsheathed.  A test of wills shall determine the victor and the vanquished!  BROADSWORD  places YOU in command!

· Allows for a 30,000 man game to be completed in 3-4 hours

· Can be used with any scale and no rebasing needed

· Features HRG’s Terrain Generation system

· Follows historical organization and unit capabilities

· Field the flower of chivalry and their retainers once more!

· Covers the Norman Conquest to the collapse of Moorish Spain; from the vast desert battles of the Crusades to the Fall of Constantinople and more from 1066 to 1492 

· Includes rules for Native Tribes & Far Eastern foes!

· Point system for competition or Pick up games.

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BROADSWORD is a fast paced Grand Tactical medieval system to recreate large and mid sized battles of the Medieval period.  Hastings, Manzikert, Hattin, Agincourt, Navas De Tolosa, and hundreds more engagements that pressed the fate of Lords, Kings and Potentates to their limits!  

Incorporating the traditional fighting methods of the dark ages, the medieval period witnessed the evolution of the heavily armored knight, the expansion of gunpowder and the establishment of mercenaries.  With the advent of the stirrup, the face of Europe manifested itself into the nascent foundations of nations!  Wield your mighty sword and drive all before you as your forces determine the fate of Lord and Kings!

Available now from the online store at and soon to be available from Noble Knight Games, On Military Matters and in the UK from Caliver Books. 

If you seek a mighty host and not a few sad knights, then its time for BROADSWORD: AGE OF CHIVALRY GRAND BATTLE rules!


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Rules are now available at our company store:

also you can download the QRS from the files section of the BROADSWORD forum