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This is a Group dedicated to the Miniatures Rules created by Hoplite Research Games.  Please join and share with others your interest in playing and discussing Hoplite Research Miniatures Rules
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  • A Mighty Host: BROADSWORD FOU
    Hear Ye! Hear Ye! All join the ranks of nobles, warriors and mercenaries who have joined the BROADSWORD forum.
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    Welcome to the Corps Command Napoleonic Miniatures Rules Forum and exchange to support and discuss all issues related to the system.
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    FORCE FLEET COMMAND is the support forum for rules questions, scenarios, errata and player aides.
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  • FREDERICK d'OR: Warfare in the Age of Frederick the Great
    Welcome to the FREDERICK d'OR: Warfare in the Age of Frederick the Great forum.
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  • HopliteResearchGames | LINEOFBATTLE
    The Admiralty's hall to discuss all things Naval Sail from the Age of Nelson featuring the Fleet Level system LINE OF BATTLE!
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    Manassas To Appomattox Army Brigade Level Rules for American Civil War--Join the group to play and discuss gaming where one stand is a regiment and players move whole brigades
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  • HopliteResearchGames | OPFOR
    Welcome to the OPFOR Modern Rules Supplement Group for the PANZER KORPS rules system
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  • HopliteResearchGames | PANZERKORPS
    Panzer Korps HQ group is dedicated in supporting HRG's PANZER KORPS WWII game system. Download the Fast Play Charts from the file section as well as some free scenarios. Just Released!: HARD LUCK BOYS: BATTLE SCENARIOS Vol. XIII Currently in print: -PANZER KORPS 2.0 RULES 1936-1945 -PANZER KORPS CAMPAIGNS--Includes 20 Campaigns -RED DISCIPLES:SOVIET GENERAL's HANDBOOK 1938-1945 2ND EDITION -CON TUTTO IL CUORE:ITALIAN FORCES GENERAL's HANDBOOK 1936-1945 -HAMMER OF FREEDOM:AMERICAN GENERAL's HANDBOOK 1939-1945 Includes The Pacific Theater -LE DRAPEAU ET LA CROIX:FRENCH FORCES GENERAL's HANDBOOK 1939-1945 Includes the Middle East and Far East -TO THE LAST HUSZAR:HUNGARIAN GENERAL'S HANDBOOK 1940-1945 -SWORDS OF THE EMPEROR: JAPANESE GENERAL'S HANDBOOK -TRENCHLINE: WWI Supplement 1914-1918 -OPFOR: Modern Supplement 1980-2020 -BLOOD SPEAR: BATTLE SCENARIOS Vol.I -DESPERATE SOULS: BATTLE SCENARIOS Vol. II -THE STORM TURNS WEST: BLITZKRIEG! 1940 Minor Allied Powers handbook Includes Belgium, Norway, Holland, Luxembourg, and Denmark. -OBERSTGRUPPENFUHRER:Waffen SS GENERAL's HANDBOOK 1939-1945 -EISENKREUZ: Wehrmacht General's Handbook 1939-1945 -LEGIUNEA ROMANA: Romanian General's Handbook 1939-1945. -UDARNA LEGIJA: Croation & Serbian General's Handbook -FORSAKEN WARRIORS: BATTLE SCENARIOS Vol. III -BANDERAS ADELANTE! Spanish Civil War Handbook 1936-1939 -RED INFERNO: BATTLE SCENARIOS Vol. IV -LEGACY OF DEFIANCE: BATTLE SCENARIOS Vol. V -G.I. BLOOD & GUTS: BATTLE SCENARIOS Vol. VI -EMPEROR'S FINEST: BATTLE SCENARIOS Vol. VII -THUNDERSTRUCK!: BATTLE SCENARIOS Vol. VIII -ROMMEL'S WAY: BATTLE SCENARIOS Vol. IX -CATACLYSM: BATTLE SCENARIOS Vol. X -GHOST DIVISION: RACE FOR THE CHANNEL BATTLE SCENARIOS Vol. XI -SAVAGE FURY: BATTLE SCENARIOS Vol. XII - FORCE FLEET COMMAND: GRAND SCALE WORLD WAR II NAVAL Rules supplement for PANZER KORPS -HIGH SEAS FLEET: GRAND SCALE WORLD WAR I NAVAL Rules supplement for PANZER KORPS HR GAMES online store: North America On Military Matters ( ),PICO ARMOR ( Noble Knight Games ( ( ) ) Europe ( ) , Worean Shops, (, ) EAST FRONT MINIATURES ( ) Schedule 2022: Historicon 2022, USA Kublacon, Memorial Day Weekend Pacificon, Labor Day Weekend USA HURRICON '22 Sept. Florida
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  • HopliteResearchGames | RECKLESSDARING
    Welcome to the Rules forum supporting RECKLESS DARING colonial miniatures rules
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    Welcome to the REPENT OR DIE Renaissance Miniatures Rules forum
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  • RIDICULOUS VANITY 2.0: Warfare in the Age of Louis XIV
    This is the King's Hall for all of the Sun King's Period business and his favorite rules set RIDICULOUS VANITY!  Join us for scenarios, commentary and rules additions and simply discussing the period!
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  • HopliteResearchGames | TERRAINCOGNITA
    Forum dedicated to all discussions regarding the Company Level Miniatures & Campaign Rules TERRA INCOGNITA: COLONIAL COMPANY LEVEL RULES 1492-1900 Players are only required to have at least 1 Leader and one Supply Wagon per force command before they add in their units. We recommend that you have at least one leader for every Regiment (either cavalry or infantry) present and one leader as the overall commander. A unit is considered any fighting formation such as a Company, Squadron, Regiment, Battery or Section. The smallest unit which a player can move is a company. Regiments are usually a collection of companies and at times can be seen fighting as a whole or as little as 1 company. A Company is 10 figures on average or as listed in a scenario. A similar attribute is held by the artillery. A Battery is composed of 2 or more sections. Each section is one cannon model and 4 gun figures. A cavalry or camelry squadron is composed of 6 figures
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  • HopliteResearchGames | TRENCHLINE
    This is a dedicated support group for HR GAMES' WWI supplement TRENCHLINE TRENCHLINE is the PANZER KORPS supplement for WWI. It integrates the various infamous and sinister signature elements that made up the Great War with the popular PANZER KORPS WWII divisional system. Covers the use of Artillery, Infantry, Cavalry, Tanks & more! Includes the Air branch in its various roles including Zeppelins! Strosstruppen, Arditi, Gas Attacks, and incessant Artillery barrages Uses HR GAMES innovative SECTOR Command rules Command Divisions, Brigades, and Battalions in mortal combat! Also included in the supplement is an appendix on the Black Soldier in the US Army as well as in the British, French and German armies. Players must have a copy of PANZER KORPS to play. For those of you unfamiliar or NEW to the Panzer Korps System, visit the yahoo group at PANZERKORPHQ Supplement available at your local dealer or online in the UK from, from in Central Europe or in the States from
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    This is the WITH WASHINGTON TO GLORY forum to discuss the rules, scenarios, and fast Play Charts.
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